Journey Within Wellness Center Is an upcoming destination in Columbia Maryland. We started this company with the goal of providing people with an extraordinary holistic experience that builds off of the mind-body-spirit connection and results in well-being. We thrive off of academic research in areas such as neuroplasticity and biological homeostasis in order to give our clients a pragmatic approach to wellness. The foundation of everything we offer is mindfulness. The goal of combining the specific set of services we provide is to leave the client more focused, more relaxed, and more energetic. Our goal is to induce this state of being and then condition your body and mind for lasting results. We offer five comfortable treatment rooms and a studio for yoga classes, meditation etc. Our services include two flotation rooms, including a couples float room, aroma steam showers, yoga therapy, yoga classes, air (aerial) yoga, hypnotherapy, nutrition, massage therapy, acupuncture, life and wellness coaching, and mindfulness meditation instruction.