Our multipurpose room has built in surround sound speakers, sound proof walls, special lighting and ambiance, internet access, microphone capacity and screen projection capacity. Complimentary refreshments are served.




  • Yoga: Beginners, Advanced.  (ongoing)
  • Aerial Meditation and Yoga (ongoing)
  • Philosophy of Yoga (occasional)
  • Mindfulness and the Mind-Body Connection. (occasional)
  • Sleeping and Dreaming. (occasional, Dream Yoga, Lucid Dreaming, Yoga Nidra, Sleep Hygiene, Sleep Science, Natural Remedies).
  • Psychology: Practical Knowledge and Application. (occasional)
  • Meditation (History, Types and Practice), Howard Community College (six week class, one class per week, per semester)
  • Class on building Intuition (a look at sensation, perception, body language, subtleties and nuances in perception) – as scheduled.
  • Reflection, Contemplation in the Float Room class and discussion.
  • Musical Expression, Guitar Lessons etc. -as scheduled.



  • Meditation Circle. (daily, AM and PM)
  • Drum Circle. (occasional)
  • Paradigm Shift, Shamanic Journeying, Reiki Share, Healing Circle and Group Discussion  (various subjects)  (occasional)
  • Book Club. (occasional: multiple books on one specific subject are presented, discussed in detail and available for purchase, unique subject per event)
  • Open Mic, Performance Circle: Spoken Word, Poetry, Song, Lyrics, Lip-Sync, Story Telling, Comedy, Improv or Scripted Theatre Performance, Artwork Presentation, Independent Film Presentation, Dance Performance, Talent Share.  (Dates are TBD based on sign up).



  • Community Acupuncture, $60