Wellness Coaching Programs:

  • Stress Management and Emotion Regulation Program
  • Sports Performance Program (Body Rejuvenation and Mind Component)
  • Corporate Wellness Program
  • Weight Loss, Nutrition and Detoxification Program
  • Lifestyle Changes Program (Smoking Cessation, Habits etc)
  • Yoga Therapy Program
  • Self Exploration Program
  • Aches and Pain Relief Program
  • Prenatal Pregnancy Program


Our Wellness Programs:

We encourage an eight week program (at least once a week) that tackles a range of Wellness strategies that cater to the individual client. For this eight week journey you will be assigned one of our outstanding Wellness Coaches who will fully support you, document your progress and coach you step by step. Your Wellness Coach will connect with our broader team members (acupuncturist, massage therapists, yoga instructors, nutritionist, hypnotherapist etc.), and they will work as a team to create a custom package for you. A team approach and a strategic approach are important factors in customer satisfaction and lasting results. All of our programs incorporate services that we offer (acupuncture, float therapy, massage, mindfulness etc). Your Wellness Coach will help put together a schedule with appropriate treatments on a week by week basis. The Wellness Coach will further apply life coaching strategies, and provide mindfulness instruction, hypnotherapy, and meditation instruction. The client has the option to focus on specific areas such as Lifestyle Choices, Structure and Planning, Leisure and Relaxation, Diet and Nutrition, Enhancing Creativity, School and Career, Healing Memories and so on. The Wellness course you choose will then be customized  by the teamwork of professionals who work with you in creating a consistent strategy for your Wellness goals. In addition to getting treatments, your Wellness courses include the support of a Wellness Coach who will be with you to ensure satisfaction along the way. Some of the Wellness coaching strategies your Coach could cover include:

Emotion Regulation:

Learning how to manage your emotions (such as anger or anxiety).

Impulse Control:

Training the mind to not react precariously.


Improved concentration; being present in the moment.


Using the mind-body connection to produce homeostasis and holistic health.


Conditioning the mind for positive-thinking, productivity, self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness, frustration tolerance, interpersonal relationship skills, time management skills, coping skills and stress management skills.

Perception Shift:

Confronting maladaptive defense mechanisms, biases, resistance, negativity, pessimism, and narrow to closed mindedness.

Radical Acceptance:

Accepting reality or any situation as it is.

Behavior Modification:

Smoking cessation, weight loss, procrastination etc.

Memory Recall:

Hypnotherapy focused on re-living specific memories for the purpose of letting go and healing. Also known as age regression or memory regression.


Meditation targeted at opening the heart, forgiveness, and empathy.

Pain Relief:

Services: massage, acupuncture, floating and vibroacoustic therapies. Coaching: Using the mind to reduce chronic physical pain; also known as mental analgesia. This is to be used only as an alternative method. For acute pain you should consult a medical professional.


Using meditation for better sleep; complimentary methods for insomnia; lucid dreaming methods to alter nightmares and for exploring the dream state.


Going beyond the mind and body and entering into a state of egoless tranquility.


Finding your personal path to awakening, liberation, transformation, growth, harmony, unity, synchronicity, expansion.




For our wellness course each session will consist of the following:


An explanation and discussion on what it is that the client should expect in terms of methodology, focus, and visualization; a brief explanation and discussion on the scientific value, historical interest or concepts behind the practice.


Taking the time to implement the strategy.


Immediately after each session clients will take a moment to document their experience in order to reinforce the material that is learned. Writing, journaling and documenting of this sort supplements and reinforces the material within the clients mind at all levels – conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious and allows for superior recall and therefore superior utilization of the instruction. Questions and discussion will also follow in addition to journaling. Clients also have the option for Audio recording of any session. Journals and Audio recordings are included in the course.



HIPAA: Documentation of this sort is legally protected with strict privacy and confidentiality. Terms will be established beforehand.