What is Float Therapy?

Float Therapy involves a body of skin temperature water with a thousand pounds of Epsom salts (think dead sea). Buoyancy occurs naturally due to the salts and the client will float effortlessly. Floating as a way for sensory deprivation was invented by a Psychiatrist named John C. Lilly who was working for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the 1950’s.  The original floatation device was the float tank. The technology would then hit the Wellness world around 2010 and out came float pods and float rooms. We have built in float rooms bringing the customer the latest technology in floatation. There are a range a benefits customers experience (see benefits). Anyone can float and there is nothing special you have to do. Just lay back and relax!

What does Journey Within Wellness Center offer?

We offer two float rooms including one big enough for two people! Ask about our couples float room (that includes a steam shower for two as well). Our float rooms are more spacious and customer friendly then traditional float tanks. The aroma steam showers used before and after each float session provides customers with the ultimate experience. Each float room gives the client complete privacy and comfort with ability to communicate with staff through an electronic system.

What does a float room look like?

float2 float1