The combination of our steam showers with our float rooms brings to our customers an experience like no other. We really value our customers and therefore provide our customers with top of the line Steam Showers that have multiple jets, a water fall, a powerful and adjustable shower head, aroma and steam pumps and a computer system that navigates all of these outstanding features. Customers who purchase multiple hours can float for as long as they want and in addition spend more time in our luxury shower as well. The steam therapy and aroma therapy provided by these showers is worth every penny!

Steam showers are like saunas except a sauna uses dry heat, whereas a steam shower uses wet heat. If a customer chooses to use the steam feature, they can adjust the heat as needed. Just like a sauna, a steam shower causes the body to sweat, aiding in the removal of toxins and temporary weight loss. Steams showers are a better alternative to saunas because unlike a sauna, steam has the ability to alleviate respiratory ailments. According to “sitting in warm and moist air offers results that are similar to a vaporizer for asthma, bronchitis, allergy and even cold sufferers. Plus, all the sweating caused by moist heat allows you to clean out your pores.”